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and all the roads we have to walk along are winding
the fire in your heart is out
i've got a siren on my tale and that is not the sign i'm looking for 
29th-Sep-2006 08:32 pm
a Girl and a Dragon
I feel like there is a child
Screaming, shaking-crying, scared
Inside of me.
My eyes flit around
Searching, confused, looking
At everything so wildly.
It's like my hands are to my head,
Gripping at my hair, clenched fingers
Desperate to make it stop.

Maybe I will be able to properly finish this poem, because it is not done. I scratched out a lot of verses and this is what remains because it is the only part I liked. One day, but not today, hopefully I will finish composing it.

"Love was like a tooth ache. When Otsu found herself occupied, it did not disturb her; but when the memory took a hold of her, she was taken by the urgent need to leave again by way of major roads, to look for Mushashi, to find him again, to pose her hand against his chest in shedding tears of blissfulness."
"Of all the grief that bombarded human beings, the one that ate away the most, the most pitiful, the most torturous, was to not lay your eyes on the being that you pined for."
the Rock and the Sabre, Eiji Toshikawa
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