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and all the roads we have to walk along are winding

the fire in your heart is out

dear xx heart
27 August 1987
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Hello hello~ ♥
As one can properly deduce, I am DearxxHeart and you have reached my mostly private yet semi public journal. I am a girl like many and am here for, what I can imagine to be, similar reasons to most on LJ; writing. I express myself through words and love the art of it all. I hunger to express myself and be heard, and as such, I constantly look to widen my vocabulary while forcing myself to evolve as a writer. I am a pretty curious individual and I love to read, I am constantly on a search for more. Be it knowledge, experience or growth. I am who and what I am, and while I am far from ashamed of my Self, I prefer to live modestly yet well. I am a pretty open girl and have tasted quite a bit in my life for the ripe age of 20, but I would not exchange a speck of my past for any morsel of gold offered to me. And while there are moments when I am indeed content with my Self, I continually work towards inner peace. I shall climb the echelons of life, outerly and innerly, for I have made it my private goal in order to keep my (in)sanity intact. I simply wish to live healthily and do what is best for my sometimes fragile yet growingly strong Self. I meet life as a Warrior and shall continue to face the Challenges thrown at me with each step I take. Life is that of a never-ending series of test, and I plan on Acing them before I physically leave this world.

Chin up, dearies, for everything has only just begun and you better believe there will be more~ ♥♥

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My journal is mostly private, save for a few trusted friends who I have decided to share my writings with, and the entries I decide to let loose publically for any and all eyes to see. I love to write and muse about much, yet am simply not that trusting and am most definitely on the defensive. If you do so feel inclined to friend me, I'd appreciate you leave a comment on one of my public entries to let me know who you are and why you wish to be my friend. Fruit from the tree may be beared, but I am mostly a private person with information that personally touches me.

♥♥Amulet Heart♥♥

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