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and all the roads we have to walk along are winding
the fire in your heart is out
the absense of you is hurting my soul. 
12th-Jun-2008 11:00 am
Speak the Unspeakable
"Don't try to go against the sense of the universe. But before hand, make sure to know the sense of the universe."
-the Rock and the Saber

Interesting phrase. I found it in an old journal entry and promptly saved it while deleting a past post of delirium-filled writings of a memory I'd rather not rethink about or go over passionate words detailing old emotions. Nevertheless, I quite enjoyed the way in which I wrote, expressing myself so perfectly. Something I do indeed want to, and feel need to, pick up again ; it is such a brilliant way to exhale outwards what is all inside my heart and soul.

In any case, I am on summer vacation and taking up my time however best suits my fancy. I am completely thrilled I no longer have studying pressure upon my back, and though that is the case, sometimes I find myself wondering just how well I did do on my oral examinations. Whatever that final result be, I cast away such pondering for I have to wait until July 4th for such results.

I just feel fresh, renewed, ready to make the most of this summer vacation ahead of me. I want to grow, indulge in only what makes me feel whole and best. As such, writing. Reading some of my past entries was just entirely motivating and encouraging. Perhaps going into journalism is really a right path for me, hmm? I am curious and do love to write, such a career could possibly and indeed fulfill me.

I am just waiting to be filled, moved. Like a good shoe taken off after an agonizing walk, or the moment you find your Beloved in your embrace once more after a wait just seemingly too long, I feel entire release. It is like I can breathe again.
12th-Jun-2008 05:28 pm (UTC) - *pounce*
:O love teh Stephie!!!

13th-Jun-2008 03:35 pm (UTC) - Re: *pounce*
I absolutely looooooove teh Tiger!
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