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and all the roads we have to walk along are winding
the fire in your heart is out
Cover Up 
26th-Sep-2006 06:16 pm
a Girl and a Dragon
We will share a secret
And her delicate fingers brought the feather-tipped point nearer to the blank page.
The black ink was in position
With swirls ready to be traced.
'What will you write?' Hazel hues peered upwards away from the sheet, tendrils of near-black hair swept back along her cheeks.
A reflection was there, formed.
Lips curling into a coy smile, the end of the pen was bit playfully between her teeth.
A little agression, too.

A small parcel of words was soon made with drying ink.
The hand covered with slightly sun-kissed skin ran over the still white portions of the page,
And pinched a corner
Cracking the wrist, flicking it to the side
Bringing the paper with it
A secret was shared.

A cool, gleaming surface was now eyed,
Hazel pools squinted at the glass.
Her hand shot forward and pressed the paper to the face looking back at her.
The white rectangle then covered what she saw
And reverberated what she felt.

Looking glass. O! looking glass leaning so innocently against that wall
Slapped now against you, a truth behind the outside appearance of a shell - cobwebed cover up, shades of discomfort, parcels of discontent, curving ideals, envies of glistening destruction, inside me, from you to all.

The words
Against the face that would be reflected
In the mirror that betrays so much.
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